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The people's marketplace for selling energy

Weku is a Virtual Power Pool, powered by renewable energy, that will enable energy producers of any size to participate in the green energy credit marketplace. If you are a property owner, you can now monetize your roof space with solar panels at no cost to you.

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Earn cash with your roof

We believe in empowering people by opening access to the energy markets - starting with our first 100 homeowners.

$0 Solar panels

Get solar panels for free, no upfront costs, no catch, and no risk. Money is made from selling energy, generated by the panels, to premium buyers.

Track your earnings

Log into an easy to use, beautifully crafted dashboard where you can track payouts and other stats.

We work for you

We provide the panels and installations & manage the legal and technical hurdles to connect you to the energy markets.


Aging electrical grid

The roots of our country’s electrical infrastructure dates back to the late 1800s. Large-scale power plants provide the power that is then distributed through centralized utilities & grid operators.

More than 20 million American households have fallen behind on their utility bills, about 1 of every 6 homes, and the amount they owe has doubled since before the pandemic.

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Weku's smart grid

Weku’s Virtual Power Pool of the future decentralizes the energy markets. With our panels, you become a power producer.


Smart grids reduce outage risks and provide more reliable power when people need it most.


Solar-powered neighborhoods reduce fluctuation in energy prices and make energy more affordable.


Decentralized power generation adds a layer of security against terrorism and cyber attacks.

Step by step

How it works

Sign up

Complete a quick form to be one of the first people in the U.S. to join our pilot program.


Our trusted crew will come out, install panels, and connect your system to the grid.


The power produced from the system is then sold to our connected energy markets and green energy buyers.


Choose a plan and get started



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What people are saying

“Weku is solving the grid-reliability challenge with technology and a sustainable business model to ensure residential customers and investors are rewarded fairly for switching to clean energy and improving grid reliability in their communities.”

Adegoke Ajisafe

“The future of power generation needs to be distributed in order for it to be resilient. The blockchain-enabled VPP Weku Inc. is building represents a logical next step in our collective effort to build a sustainable energy system (from an economic AND environmental perspective).”

Tré Baker

"The Weku team has a world-class network of people supporting them on their journey to success. The team's focus on connecting distributed energy resources to form a virtual power pool is very forward-looking in an industry with aging infrastructure that is undergoing change. This opens the door for people who have typically been consumers to now become producers in the multi-billion dollar electricity industry."

David Cohen

“Weku Inc.’s operational motivation is all about offsetting carbon emissions and delivering green energy to companies from its Virtual Power Pool at a premium. Each purchase gives back to disenfranchised communities by reducing expenses and creating opportunities for higher education as well as high-paying jobs. These purchases also help alleviate the conditions of old electrical infrastructure.”

Hector Morgan

“The team at Weku understands that leading with their 'why' will help set them apart from competitors. They are people-focused and genuinely want to change lives and impact communities. They have created a truly differentiated product to democratize renewable energy.”

Danielle Dolinsky Gorman

“Beyond Weku’s commitment to their community, I know their success is guaranteed because of the strong team dynamics. Each member brings a valuable asset to the table, which allows them to learn from each other while building together. Their focus on the overall vision is strengthened by their desire to create real, positive impact that lasts beyond one generation. I’m excited to see where this journey takes them and how their work influences the future of sustainable energy.”

Maria Kim