We’re a mission driven team

Our mission is to make going solar easy for homeowners while helping companies profitably reach their ESG goals in the most impactful and effortless way. Although most homeowners want solar panels, at least 80 percent of homeowners cannot afford to get them installed. This disproportionately affects low income households who can use the savings the most; which is why we are aiming to work with companies and investors who are actively working to be better stewards of their environment and community.

Our first goal is to install 16 gigawatts of solar and battery infrastructure on 1.6 million American homes; after achieving this milestone we are aiming for 1 terawatt of solar and battery installations.

A different approach to solar

Weku Inc. is an energy technology startup company that provides companies and organizations with solutions to profitably achieve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals in a much more impactful way. As a startup company, our services are intended to dramatically revolutionize the way energy transactions are conducted with significantly more affordable offerings than what is currently available, as well as rapidly scale the adoption of sustainable infrastructure.

Our proprietary process and technology will allow companies and organizations to reach Net 0 in 10 years or less, and it also allows us to provide homeowners with an unlimited electricity service for $50 a month.

Weku is a Techstars backed company and was part of Tulsa's first Build in Tulsa Techstars Accelerator program in the fall of 2022. We is also part of the Department of Energy American-Made Challenge for the Community Clean Energy Coalition administered the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Weku makes it possible for companies to achieve mandatory ESG requirements quickly, profitably, and impactfully with transparency no one else in the market provides. Our platform allows companies and investors to maximize earnings from tax credits as described in the $369 billion Inflation Reduction Act; for every $1 spent on solar infrastructure you receive a $1.50 tax credit. This helps make the ROI for companies and investors in one year or less.

We are eliminating the electric bill as we know it for homeowners. We give homeowners the ability to participate in the production and sell of Asset Backed Credits (ABCs) to companies looking to fulfill ESG requirements. We do this by partnering with homeowners to go solar at no cost to them for the installation; they just pay a $50 service activation fee and $50 per month for unlimited electricity. The energy those panels produce generates ABCs that companies can purchase. That money is used to fund homeowner solar panels.

Our platform gives homeowners the ability to significantly lower their energy bills, and companies get to fulfill ESG requirements with reporting that includes the impact of how and where the credit was produced. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Weku is built differently

We genuinely care about making an impact in communities that have limited access to affordable energy. Our team believes in standing for something that inspires other businesses and organizations to join our initiative.

Roy Sowah | CEO

Roy is not just any CEO, he is a highly skilled engineering and solar expert with an insatiable thirst to solve problems more efficiently. As a former Project Engineer at Koch Industries, he led projects that improved standardized designs, software tools, templates, and processes. By managing the entire engineering process, he saw gaps in industry processes that existed simply because “that’s the way it’s always been done.”His curiosity led him to launch GR8R Than Energy LLC, a solar installation company that’s installed over 100kW of solar on houses. In operating that business, he found that although most homeowners want solar, 80 percent of them can’t afford it. And that’s how Weku was born. Roy used his expertise in engineering, renewable energy, and problem-solving to build a team that is developing the first-ever standardized buying and reporting process for Renewable Energy Credit production that also provides homeowners with a $50 monthly service charge in exchange for an electric bill.In short, Roy Sowah is a visionary leader who is dedicated to making renewable energy accessible and affordable for all.

Archibald Ocloo-lee | COO

Archie is a real estate investment expert who has a background in foreign exchange markets and studied Mechanical Engineering Technology. He established himself quickly in the real estate industry at New Western, the leading REI Marketplace in the nation, as a top-performing Acquisition Agent (aka "the closer"). In less than five years, Archie's expertise and forward-thinking strategies allowed him to complete 150+ REI property transactions that resulted in ~$25M worth of real estate sales and contributed to a profit of roughly $150M for the company. He specializes in identifying and managing REI value-add projects.Archie’s experience at New Western inspired him to launch his own investment company, Pie Investments. He says his secret is listening to client needs and finding any means possible to help them. Understanding what’s at stake helps him identify creative ways to solve problems. And sometimes that means paving a new path, rather than taking a “traditional route” to investing; this is a value he uses as a guiding light to every venture he takes on. Now, he wants to take everything he’s learned to help Weku develop an energy marketplace that benefits homeowners, property owners, and communities.